Our Frosting

Frosting 357 was created just for you. For women who donʼt believe in wasting time or money, our easy to use site was created with this in mind. Just point...click...and itʼs all yours!

Our prices are also designed with this in mind. Since we are a family owned business our design costs are minimal, so we pass these savings on to you. Our jewelry is all hand-made, no machines are used in our designing, which makes them not only beautifully unique and affordable, but also environmentally conscious.

Our goal is to offer you imaginative, hand-made designs that are fun and affordable. You shouldnʼt have to save up to get that new pair of earrings, and you shouldnʼt have to buy uninspiring machine made jewelry that they sell in all the stores. You deserve to have whatever you want, you deserve to have as much as you want, and you should never have to worry about the cost.

So Go Ahead...Frost Yourself!!!

Our Designs

Each piece that you see on our site was created in our studio, you will not find our designs made anywhere else. We use the highest quality materials when creating our jewelry and guarantee every piece we make.

Each bead and crystal and stone is carefully selected by our designer. Since each piece is hand-made, many designs have unique markings and qualities that set them apart, no two pieces are exactly alike. We use hand-blown glass, cloisonne, dichroics, blackstone, crystals, quartz and more. We try to keep our designs diverse so there will be something for everyone, and if there is something you would like to see on our site, that we havenʼt created yet, we welcome your suggestions.

We also offer custom designs. If you see a design you love, but prefer we use silver instead of gold, send us a note and we can customize the piece just for you. Did you see a pair of peridot crystal drop earrings that you really wanted, but prefer we use the topaz instead? Send us an e-mail, and we will do our best to accommodate your request, changes may effect the cost of the design. We want you to love your jewelry, and we know that nobody knows what looks great on you better than you do!

Our Promise

We guarantee every item that you purchase. We want you to be happy with everything you receive, so if your jewelry is not perfect, just let us know and we will exchange it at no additional cost.

Do not hesitate to call or email us and we will always respond right away. We stand behind everything we design, always. We are happy to repair or replace your designs at no charge.

If you have a return, just email us to let us know, then send us your damaged item, and we will get your new piece out to you immediately, (make sure to include your name and your mailing address). Your design may contain pieces that are out of stock, if this occurs you can choose another item as your replacement. If there is anything that we can do to better serve you, please let us know, we want to make sure that you love shopping with us, always, and we welcome all your suggestions!

We promise youʼll love your jewelry as much as we do!